A Fascinating Story Behind Abandoned Tesla Roadsters in China

A Fascinating Story Behind Abandoned Tesla Roadsters in China

An Abandoned Hoard of 2010 Tesla Roadsters Found in China: A Unique Opportunity for Collectors

Recently, an abandoned shipping container in China revealed a surprising find: three 2010 Tesla Roadsters in pristine condition, still in their original packaging. Apparently, an individual purchased these vehicles from Tesla in 2010 and had them shipped directly to China, but never collected them.

For 13 years, the cars remained untouched until Pete Gruber of Gruber Motor Company discovered them and is now acting as a matchmaker to find a buyer for this rare find. The bidding has already reached as high as $500,000, and the cars are yet to arrive in the US.

This discovery may be the first of its kind, as the cars are vintage vehicles of value hidden away in an unusual location. While “barn finds” are a collector’s dream, it is rare to find three brand-new vehicles in pristine condition. This presents a unique opportunity for collectors to add these exclusive Tesla Roadsters to their collections.

Rare Tesla Trio Found In Pristine Condition In China

Elon Musk acknowledged the discovery of the rare Tesla Roadsters in a viral tweet, stating that they are increasingly scarce. These electric vehicles are truly unique, with two of them featuring a striking orange color and the other being a radiant red. One of the orange Roadsters is a base model, while the remaining two are Sport trims.

All three Teslas are still carefully packed in foam protection and securely fastened in their respective shipping containers, seemingly untouched and with zero mileage according to Gruber, who is currently seeking a buyer. While some mileage may have been accrued from testing or delivery, the cars appear to have never been driven by an owner.

Interestingly, the Roadsters come complete with their original accessory kits and hardtops, still in their boxes. The hardtops may even be a rare exposed carbon fiber variant, a prized find among Tesla collectors. These cars are like cake, and the exposed carbon fiber hardtops would be the icing on the top.

It is uncertain whether the Tesla Roadsters that have been in storage for 13 years will be able to start. While some first-generation Roadsters are still running on their original battery packs after 15 years, it’s unclear whether the same will be true for these vehicles. The batteries may have deteriorated over time, but the extent of their condition is unknown.

Gruber notes that it may be possible for the batteries to function if the service plugs were disconnected. However, there is an additional maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. According to him, in order to make the car operational, the power electronics modules must be rebuilt and the electrolytic capacitors must be replaced. It is important to note that these capacitors have a shelf life of 8 years.

Shipping containers are built to withstand the forces of the ocean, which makes it highly possible that most of the Tesla components in each Roadster are still functioning. Gruber suggests that the experience of driving these vehicles is similar to time travel.

What Will Happen To These Hidden Tesla Roadsters?

A Tesla expert has verified the authenticity of the VIN numbers on the three Teslas, and they are in impeccable condition. While they are not low VINs, which would make them extremely rare, they are still an exceptional discovery. The question now is what to do with these preserved treasures.

Gruber, a well-respected Tesla expert, believes that the vehicles should remain untouched and preserved in their pristine state. The accessory kits and immaculate interiors tell the story of how the first Teslas arrived at their owners. As old Teslas become more historically significant, their value increases, which is what makes this find so much like a traditional barn discovery.

There are those who suggest that Elon Musk should purchase the vehicles, either to showcase them in the Tesla Fremont Factory or to add them to his personal collection. At the time of this article, there has been no indication from the Tesla founder as to whether he would consider making the purchase.

A group of individuals may be interested in driving the Teslas, even if it requires some work, as it would be like traveling back in time. Gruber mentions that if the vehicles do not sell in China, they will be transported to America for a thorough technical evaluation by Gruber Motors.

For now, the public has only seen a few blurry images of the Teslas as they make their way across the Pacific. The owners have indicated that they will send more pictures for potential buyers, but until Gruber gets his hands on them, the public will not know much.

These three Tesla Roadsters, which were unexpectedly discovered in abandoned shipping containers, may be purchased by a private individual or entity. If bought as a set, the world may only catch a glimpse of them before they are hidden away again to age like fine wine.

Currently, the public has only seen a few blurry images of the Teslas that were unexpectedly discovered in abandoned shipping containers and are making their way across the Pacific. The owners may send more pictures for potential buyers, but until then, little is known. The three Tesla Roadsters may be sold to a private individual or entity and if bought as a set, may not be seen again. However, there is a chance that the buyer may choose to display them, allowing the world to see a significant piece of EV history. This is the first vintage EV discovery to make headlines and is remarkable for Tesla fans still waiting for the Cybertruck.

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