The Ram 1500 Ramcharger Revolution: 6 Features That Set It Apart

The Ramcharger is the most captivating addition to the Ram 1500 pickup lineage. It is distinguished by its avant-garde electric drivetrain, augmented by a V6 petrol motor serving as an auxiliary power generator. This pioneering configuration endows the Ramcharger with the faculty for hushed, electric propulsion, sidestepping the usual compromise in towing capacity, operational range, and burden-bearing ability endemic to electric lorries. Essentially, it synthesizes the quintessential virtues of the conventional 1500 with those of the Ram 1500 REV – yet it is not to be labeled a mere hybrid. Given the absence of direct mechanical transmission to the wheels, Ram asserts that their creation is an electric vehicle enhanced with a range amplifier.

Beyond its novel propulsion system, the Ramcharger is a paragon of contemporary, tech-saturated contenders within the full-size category. It boasts an arsenal of opulent accouterments that rival, if not eclipse, the premier fittings in its segment. Hence, we shall delve into the quintet of most remarkable attributes that the Ramcharger has to offer.

1.  AV6 Engine Disconnected from the Wheels:

While it may not dazzle youngsters vibrantly like an array of chromatic displays, Ram’s propulsion system distinguishes itself remarkably from its competitor, the Ford F-150 Lightning, and other adversaries. At the heart lies a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, devoid of direct mechanical ties to the axle. Its prime function is to fabricate mechanical vigor, subsequently transformed into electric might by an integrated generator, which, in a consistent state, churns out 174 horsepower yet is capable of surging beyond that when tasked ardently. This dynamism replenishes the 92-kWh accumulator, rendering the quest for a charging station and the subsequent hiatus therein superfluous should accessibility be compromised.

Boasting a formidable assembly of dual electric impellers, the Ramcharger harnesses a colossal 663 horsepower coupled with 615 lb-ft of rotational force, both derivatives of the electrical potency proffered by the generator and accumulator. This endowment empowers the vehicle to catapult from stasis to 60 mph in a mere 4.4 seconds.

Reconfiguration of the Pentastar V6 was imperative for its recalibrated duty, with alterations in its encasement to accommodate the anterior electric impeller. The onboard dynamo resides instead of a traditional transmission, conjoined directly to the engine’s essence.

2. Various Charging Options:

The Ramcharger offers a rich array of charging methods, including traditional gas engine charging, standard electric vehicle (EV) Level 1 and 2 AC charging, and swift 400-volt DC charging that can add 50 miles of range in just 10 minutes. It further innovates with its ability to charge other EVs or supply power to a home during an outage. Adventurers will appreciate the 7.2 kW of power available in the truck’s bed for various tools and devices, comparable to Ford’s F-150 Hybrid, yet slightly less than the F-150 Lightning’s higher capacity. The Ramcharger Tungsten also eliminates the hassle of cords with two new wireless chargers, providing a seamless and dispute-free device charging experience.

3. Digital Co-Pilot Interface:

Display panels catering to the co-pilot seat, once exclusive to vehicular opulence, now grace the cabin of a useful pickup. This display endows the adjacent navigator with dominion over cartographic guidance, multimedia (through HDMI input), and the ability to survey the scenery via an array of external lenses. It dovetails seamlessly with the Uconnect 5 system, offering simplicity in syncing personal devices for web exploration or musical indulgences. Sensitivity to touch and shielded from the pilot’s view, it is a bastion against potential diversion.

This auxiliary screen serves as an accompaniment to a 12.3-inch digital instrument tableau, a vivid 10-inch head-up projection, and an expansive 14.5-inch central touch interface, together weaving a tapestry of technological integration.

4. High-End Luxury Front Seat Design:

The newly unveiled Tungsten trim level sets a lofty standard for truck interiors, boasting opulent front seats draped in sumptuous quilted Natura Plus leather. These seats feature comprehensive customization with 24-way power adjustability and memory settings, including the luxury of four-way powered headrests. Designed for supreme comfort, they offer heating and cooling functions and are further enhanced by a soothing massaging feature to alleviate back discomfort. Compared to the leading F-150 Lightning’s 10-way power front seats, the Ramcharger’s seating is an evident upgrade.

Encasing the cabin, a sumptuous suede envelopes the headliner and A-/B-pillars, all adorned in a striking Indigo/Sea Salt palette, positioning this vehicle as the quintessential electric luxury pickup.

5. No Key Required:

Owing to its avant-garde Atlantis electrical schematics, the Ramcharger bestows upon proprietors the facility to transform their telephonic device, computing tablet, or intelligent timepiece into an ingress wand. This electronic ingress permits proprietors to unburden their carryalls from the surfeit of metallic keys, simultaneously proffering the ease of granting vehicular admittance with the mere dispatch of a digital key to a virtual repository such as Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and Apple Wallet.

Yet, echoing the sentiments of those wary of the adage ‘novelty trumps tradition,’ the Ramcharger’s tactile screen maintains the prudence of tangible controls. Those reluctant to wholly surrender to the digital revolution are afforded the security of a physical key fob and an NFC-encoded smart card, serving as a failsafe for modernity’s unforeseen caprices.

6. Klipsch Reference Premiere Audio Setup:

In the auditory duel where decibels outweigh the dominion of mechanical steeds, the Ramcharger stands triumphant. It commands an impressive 1,228 watts, overshadowing the F-150 Lightning’s 1,080-watt output. Indeed, the arena of speaker wattage has become the new coliseum for vehicular supremacy.

The Ramcharger Tungsten claims exclusivity with its 23-speaker Klipsch Reference Premiere audio assembly. Connoisseurs of high-fidelity sound will find their pulse quickening at the revelation that this P4 audio system is unparalleled in the pickup domain. Meanwhile, the aural landscape it offers will undoubtedly be appreciated by all, with a 12-inch subwoofer and a pair of one-inch titanium dome tweeters among the orchestra, culminating in a robust 1,228 watts. The system’s lustrous stainless steel speaker grilles testify to the Ramcharger’s superior sonic capabilities.

In the shadows of this acoustic titan, the apex sound system of the F-150 Lightning features 18 speakers from Bang & Olufsen, and the Rivian R1T trails closely with a Meridian Elevation ensemble of 19 speakers and 1,200 watts.

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