Will these 5 cars be worth more in 2023?

Will these 5 cars be worth more in 2023?

Audi TT Quattro Sport MkI 2005-2006

According to Hagerty, there are several reasons why the Quattro Sport is considered a collectible car. One is that it is a limited edition model, produced by a prestigious manufacturer. Additionally, it is a sports car that is easily recognizable and was highly desirable when it was first released. While there may not be a significant increase in its price, it is expected that the value of the Quattro Sport will gradually rise over time.

Austin Seven 1923-1939

Hagerty suggests that the unassuming Seven offers an affordable entry point to the vintage and pre-war car world, and provides a refreshing contrast to modern vehicles. While prices are rising, they are still relatively affordable at present. The saloon version is a more economical choice than the sportier ‘Ulster’ model.

Bentley Turbo R 1985-1997

Hagerty reports that values for this particular car have been steadily increasing in 2022, and have now reached an average of £15,400. The car has been popular at auctions, with 57 sold so far in 2022 compared to 44 in the same period last year. Although it may take some time to appreciate significantly, it is expected to reach 2020 price levels within the next two years. While it offers a lot of car for the money, Hagerty stresses that the vehicle’s service history and condition will be the main factors affecting its future value.

Citroen BX 1982-1994

Hagerty predicts a modest increase in the value of the BX, likely to match the rate of inflation. However, if there are any high-profile sales of the car, such as the Group B homologation BX 4 TC that recently sold for €77,480 at Artcurial, it could further increase its value. Although Hagerty has only been monitoring the BX for a year, it has already appreciated by £25.

Ford Fiesta MkI 1977-1983

Hagerty notes that the Fiesta is a classic car that is easily recognizable, and the prices of its performance models, such as the Supersport and XR2, have already begun to rise. Even for more modest versions of the car, such as the 1.1 Popular Plus, prices have increased by 19 percent, from an average of £3,625 before the pandemic to £4,325 currently. However, what the humble supermini needs to significantly increase its value is a sale of a special version that will influence prices for all models.

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